Little Beehive Farm

Taking care of the planet, one honeybee at a time.


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Thank you for visiting my site. Hopefully you will learn a few things about what is being done and what the focus is on the farm.

On Little Beehive Farm, I used to long for the days when life was more simple; a day's work was a day's work and you could reap the benefits of you own efforts. With the onslaught of technology and a huge increase of the use of pesticides our world has changed. Today I am working on unplugging from the technological world as often as possible.  Today the world is also threatened by the onslaught of the use of pesticides. Both of these are affecting us and the honeybee. My focus today is on educating people about what is going on with honeybees and our environment, and what is being done and how you can help.

The farm is working hard to make life safe, secure, and most of all healthy.  Taking care of the planet one honeybee at a time.